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2022 MVA & Herding Trial

Date: Sat. 27 Aug, 2022 3:00 am
Duration: All Day

SAT 27th August

- 8:30am Herding Schedule

SUN 28th August

 - 8:30am Herding Schedule


NOTE: Open shows & Agility/Obedience/Rally trials will be held on the following weekend - 3rd & 4th Sep


Most Versatile Aussie [Conformation, Herding, Obedience, Agility]

 - MVA Conformation judging will take place after the completion of the Open Show 1


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2022 MVA & Performance Weekends

Our 2022 MVA & Performance trials 


For the first time our Most Versatile Aussie & Performance Trials will be run over 2 weekends.

27-28th August for Herding Tests & Trials
3-4th September for our Open show and Performance Trials (Agility/Jumping/Obedience/Rally)


For more details including schedules please see the What's On area

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